Hilary Richards, M.B.A.

When I was sixteen years old, I took a job filing and answering phones at a small sales office in Santa Rosa, California.  Over the next twelve years, this company became an integral part of my life. I worked diligently and advanced through the ranks to become the Operations Manager, constantly innovating the daily operation and increasing our annual sales growth.  When I started in 2005, our branch generated an annual income of $3 million dollars - in 2017, we were on pace to exceed $17 million. Our success was hard earned, but can be boiled down to a very simple formula: we never missed an opportunity to upscale our efficiency and we collaborated on everything. 

Although it dominated the hours of my day, my career was not the singular purpose of my life.  While working full time I also graduated from high school in 3½ years, earned my B.S. in 3 years, and my M.B.A. in 2 years. Additionally, through careful investing and lucky timing, my husband and I have been able to purchase three homes in Sonoma County, where we currently reside in the beautiful Windsor, California.  Our lives changed for the best in 2016 when our son Reed Otto was born.  We have spent our lives chasing profits, trading investments and pushing our careers, but our proudest accomplishment has definitely come in the smiling face of our baby boy. 


As a mother, a wife and successful business woman, I became restless in my career.  My days in the office became less fulfilling and the challenges became mundane. This is why I decided to make a change.  

Through my career as a Virtual Assistant, I am energizing myself again. As a VA, I get to work with a diverse set of people from different markets and industries all with a different set of needs.  In short, I get to put my knowledge and skills back to work again, refining my strengths and building new ones along the way.   

The career change has been scary, but rewarding.  I truly love to help people, and my career as a VA has allowed me to do just that. I am wholeheartedly looking forward to this journey and can't wait to help make your life less stressful, more fulfilling, and allow you to find some work/life balance. Life is short, you deserve it.